Hi! My name is Corey, and this site is all about me!

Here's me and my good friend Ball.
We have lots of fun together, if he isn't hiding from me!

My bestest friend is Glove though, but he's shy.   I'll have to get a picture of him.

Hmm, in case you don't know...
I'm a 'Sheltie', a Shetland Sheepdog.
I'm big, and fierce, and very protective of my family.
I don't dislike cats, but I do like to make them run!
I like to eat good food, and by that I certainly do NOT mean vegetables.
Except green beans.
I'll eat them.
If I have to.

Still no new pictures today...
I've got an itchy, and Dave is making me wear a big horrible piece of plastic around my head.
Grr, I hates it.

_Still_ no new pictures today...
We've moved out to the country, and Dave is too busy cutting down trees with his noisy to pay attention to me.

_Still_ nothing new...
Dave says he has pictures, and I keep saying to "put them up, my people want to see me!", but he never listens.


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